Understanding the status of IWRM planning, particularly in the wake of the political changes in the region, is the purpose of the analysis undertaken by SWIM-SM.  A desk study covers all the PCs and is followed by an in depth review, including the conduct of missions, in three countries, namely Jordan, Lebanon, and Tunisia.

Issues such as the enabling environment, management instruments, financing, impact and priority challenges are evaluated at the regional level. For this part, the Review benefitted by the input and cooperation with UNEP-DHI Centre for Water and Environment regarding the global IWRM assessment that was prepared in view of the Rio+20 Conference. At the country level, the evaluation focuses on a) progress and achievements, b) gaps, shortcomings and constraints, and c) challenges.  The review shows that while progress in IWRM planning is highly evident, there is still a big potential for improvement in specific issues such as the enabling framework, financing, ecosystem services, water allocation to nature, cross-sectoral planning, water governance, etc. The report does not stop at identifying barriers, but it also puts forward policy options and highlights current and upcoming opportunities to support sustainability and IWRM.

A regional workshop was organized on 13-14 June 2012 to discuss the findings of the Review and agree on actions to be addressed at the policy level by SWIM-SM. Moreover, linked to this activity and utilizing the Review’s findings, a training of Government Officials on the Preparation of Water Plans was also organised on 10-11 September 2012.

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