Network of Demonstration Activities for Sustainable Integrated  Wastewater Treatment and Reuse in the Mediterranean

SWIM- Sustain Water MED advanced with the baseline assessment of pilot activities to be implemented in the four partner countries, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia and developed and applied a pilot activities’ guide taking into consideration social and environmental impact aspects. 

Moreover, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the Jordanian police security directorate (PSD) in relation to the pilot activity that is going to be established at the campus of the PSD in the Mgableen area near Amman. The pilot plant is going to serve this campus with daily 260 CM treated wastewater to be reused for irrigation purposes.   

Additional activities were successfully implemented until the end of 2012.

  • In all the partner countries steering and technical committees to support the implementation of project activities were established and met regularly;
  • On the job local training courses of partner organizations was conducted;
  • The first regional meeting of all project partners was successfully organized in Amman, Jordan (10-12 December) and attended by 30 participants. During this meeting the progress of the project activities in the partner countries was presented and an action plan for the next 6 months was agreed by all partners. Additionally, the capacity building program for the whole project duration was elaborated and two regional training courses were planned to take place in May in Morocco and in Sept/Oct in Jordan;
  • The project’s communication and visibility strategy was also discussed during the first regional meeting and the project website as communication tool was established and is being actively used by all partners. 

The next regional meeting of SWIM-Sustain Water MED is going to be held at the end of May 2013 in Tunis, Tunisia.


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