Full Title and Acronym

SWIM – All Across the Jordan: Transboundary NGO Master Planning of the Lower Jordan River Basin

Target Countries / Areas

   JORDAN, ISRAEL,PALESTINE: The Lower Jordan River Basin


Overall Objective(s)

To build co-operation links and promote effective water governance between the Jordanian, Israeli and Palestinian leaderships, which actively promote sustainable water management policies and practices through a regional approach to IWRM in the Lower Jordan River (LJR) Basin.

Specific Objectives of Demonstration Activities

  • To publish the "FoEME Master Plan: A Vision for the Lower Jordan River", the first ever trans-boundary integrated master plan for the Lower Jordan River Basin;
  • To advance political will for adopting a regional approach to IWRM of the Lower Jordan River among key Jordanian, Israeli and Palestinian figures. 

Expected outputs of Demonstration Activities

  • The “FoEME Master Plan: A Vision for the Lower Jordan River" is published, including technical, mapping, scientific, and other studies required for a comprehensive planning document.;
  • National and regional meetings of government representatives and other stakeholders are hosted;
  • National and regional conferences and seminars during the planning process are held to increase public participation and awareness.
  • Visibility and public education campaigns and political advocacy efforts are conducted to advance political will towards the adoption of the FoEME Master Plan.

Leader Organisation / Institution

Water and Environment Development Organization (WEDO)/ Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME)

Partner Organisations

  1. Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) – Sweden;
  2. Global Nature Fund (GNF) - Germany

Contact details

Mr. Nader Khateb

Palestinian Director, Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME)

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