SWIM-SM has collected a series of success stories/best practices from its Partner Countries. Emphasis is placed on local solutions to water management-related challenges addressed under its areas of focus that have replicability potential at the regional scale.

Success stories are a powerful tool for exchanging and disseminating experiences and knowledge since they test and validate the applicability of theory on the ground and help in fine-tuning it, based on lessons learnt through successes and failures.

Already developed in 2013 in the framework of a SWIM-SM component dedicated to the “Identification of good practices & success stories in the region & elsewhere”, a series of success stories/best practices on

  1. wastewater treatment and reuse and
  2. non-revenue water management

are available in two corresponding documents (to access them click under a or b above).

More success stories are being collected and will be published soon.

Among key criteria used for the selection of SWIM success stories/solutions are socio-economic aspects, such as job creation and the high cost efficiency for making the solution implementable.

Furthermore, in the wider context of global developments, including the post-2015 sustainable development agenda, the solutions would address, where applicable, elements of the Water, Food and Energy Nexus.


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