Four (4) National Information Workshops targeting journalists and information professionals in Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia were recently organized in order to introduce to them the SWIM Programme.

The workshops involved  40 journalists working for broadcast, print or online media and the sessions included interventions of experts from both SWIM Components, i.e. the Support Mechanism and the Demonstration Projects, particularly those that will implement activities in the four specific countries.

The workshops contributed to increase the understanding of participants about critical water management challenges facing the Mediterranean countries and possible solutions at focus in SWIM, as well as to build in each country a core group of information professionals that might follow-up closely the implementation and achievements of the Programme and inform accordingly their audiences.

For more information:

Information Note and Agenda - Lebanon

Presentations and Materials - Lebanon


Information Note and Agenda - Jordan

Presentations and Materials - Jordan


Information Note and Agenda - Morocco

Presentations and Materials - Morocco


Information Note and Agenda - Tunisia

Presentations and Materials - Tunisia


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