The 2nd Steering Committee Meeting of SWIM-SM took place in Brussels on 17-18 October 2012 with the aim to:

a) report on project’s progress to the Project Countries representatives, relevant partner institutions and initiatives and;

b) promote a constructive dialogue and consultation on activities planned by the project for its second year of implementation.

The meeting brought together the SWIM Focal Points and Environmental Liaison Officers from the Partner Countries, in addition to officials of the European Commission, representatives of regional institutions and stakeholders.

• Meeting's Agenda

• List of participants

• Presentations:

- SWIM-SM Progress

- 2013 Work Plan

• Concept Notes

• Demonstration Projects

Synergies with on-going initiatives


The 2nd SWIM Coordination Meeting was organised on 16 October 2012, in advance of the Steering Committee Meeting with the following objectives:

• Evaluate the so far achieved cooperation / coordination between SWIM Support Mechanism. (SM) and Demonstration Projects (DM)

• Mutually update SWIM DM and SM about their status of implementation and the planned activities until August 2013.

• Discuss and identify the practical means to further concretizing effective cooperation between SWIMSMand SWIM-DM (and among Demonstration Projects if applicable) in relation to the planned activities.

Meeting's Agenda


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