The Expert Group Meeting was organized with a dual purpose: (1) to review, discuss and validate the findings of a recent SWIM-SM assessment on cumulative environmental impacts of desalination in the Mediterranean region; and (2) to review the overall results of SWIM-SM activities on desalination, with the aim of establishing a regional dialogue culminating into the formulation of a draft strategic policy note on prospects of desalination in the Mediterranean region.

The above mentioned assessment, that covers all Mediterranean countries and was prepared in synergy with UNEP/MAP MED-POL Program, provides decision makers in SWIM Partner Countries with a close-up look on current cumulative desalination capacity and resulting emissions to near-shore marine environment and the atmosphere. It also projects the prospects of desalination in the region with an estimation of volume of future discharges up to the year 2030. Furthermore, it provides a conceptual account and analysis of the potential fate, transport, bio-accumulation and bio-magnification of various pollutants to the marine environment.

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