In collaboration with the National partners and stakeholders in Jordan and Tunisia SWIM-SM is conducting a 2-day self-evaluation workshop in the selected pilot areas (respectively on 15-16 September in Jordan and 29-30 September in Tunisia), to analyse the status of their Participatory Irrigation Management / Irrigation Management Transfer process (PIM/IMT),as shown by the system previously set-up by the Project in these countries.

The evaluation workshop also aims at contributing to the identification of specific actions needed to improve the PIM/IMT planning and implementation, and of lessons learnt and recommendations for system refinement.

The system is designed to be used by the Water Users Associations (WUAs) and the government regardless of the stage of PIM/IMT implementation and also reflects the best practices in WUA formation and support, which should help both the government and WUAs evaluate their performance and take the necessary corrective actions.

In Jordan and Tunisia, where the system is pilot-tested and has been installed in 5 WUAs (2 in Jordan and 3 in Tunisia) in addition to the relevant government offices, a training of the concerned users has been carried out and data entered at national, regional and local levels.

The specific objective of this SWIM-SM activity, of which the pilot application and self-evaluation workshop in Jordan and Tunisia is part, is to:

1)    Design and implement a user-friendly regional M&E system for the monitoring and evaluation of the PIM/IMT and customize it to suit the national and local conditions in the pilot areas.

2)    Enable national and local authorities in addition to WUAs in two pilot areas to examine and explore the applicability of the M&E system with due consideration to the country’s particular context / local specificities,

3)    Document the approach and the lessons learnt during implementation for potential replication within the same and/or in other countries.

The system has the capacity to generate two levels of reporting;  (a) evaluation reports and (b) statistical and graphical reports for each of the mentioned levels, which will be the main subject of discussion during the Workshop, and consists of four modules as per the objectives listed below:

Module A: assesses the degree of political commitment towards the PIM/IMT process and the adequacy of the existing institutional arrangements in support of the establishment of the WUAs

Module B: assesses the performance of the responsible irrigation agencies in the implementation of the PIM/IMT program

Module C: Assesses the institutional, financial and technical performance of Water Users Associations

Module D: Assesses the impact of WUAs' establishment


For more information about the evaluation workshop click below:

Information Note for Jordan and Report of the workshop

Information Note for Tunisia and Report of the workshop (only in English)



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