Under its financing pillar SWIM-SM organises on 30-31 October 2014 a training on Risk and Insurance in Public-Private-Partnerships (PPPs) for Water Infrastructure aiming to:

· Build the capacity of the public sector and the private insurance sector in risk management and insurance for PPPs in water infrastructure.

· Engage the private insurance sector in the South Mediterranean Countries for increased involvement in PPPs for water infrastructure. 

· Improve access to finance for water infrastructure through the reduction of risk-related barriers/obstacles.

The activity will also be an occasion for the public and private sectors to acquire knowledge on the different types of potential risks that accompany PPPs in water infrastructure projects and how to estimate and manage them and also on the role that can be played by the private insurance companies in reducing the above risks.

The training is organised back-to-back with the 1st Regional Conference of the “Governance and Financing for the Mediterranean Water Sector” (28-30 October), a project labelled and implemented in the framework of the Union for the Mediterranean. The Conference, whose main organiser is GWP-Med, is also supported by SWIM-SM.  


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