The 2nd Arab Water Forum, 20-23 November 2011, Cairo - Egypt

SWIM-SM took part in the 2nd Arab Water Forum that was organised by the Arab Water Council on 20-23 November 2011 in Cairo, Egypt with the aim to identify solutions to the many problems facing the water sector in the Arab countries by promoting a fruitful exchange of experiences, lessons learnt and innovative approaches among relevant Regional and International Organisations.

Represented by its Team Leader, Dr. Hosny Khordagui, and in collaboration with GWP-Med SWIM-SM participated in a side event led by OECD and addressing water governance in the Region, during which objectives, priorities, operation modalities of SWIM-SM and expected impacts on mainstreaming water issues in socio-economic development in the Partner Countries were presented, with focus on the main root causes and constraints facing good water governance in the Region, particularly transparency, accountability and the rule of law.

The 2nd Technical Meeting for the Arab Water Ministers, 15-18 January 2012, Cairo - Egypt

SWIM-SM participated in the 2nd Technical Meeting for the Arab Water Ministers (AWM) held at the League of Arab States (LAS) in Cairo, Egypt on 15-18 January 2012 with the objective to prepare, compile, agree and recommend actions to be amended and approved in the form of resolutions by the AWM and successively implemented by the Arab States.

The meeting was organised by the Environment and Sustainable Development Division of the LAS, acting as the Secretariat for the AWM.
Dr. Hosny Khordagui, SWIM-SM Team Leader, informed the high ranking technical delegations representing the Arab Region and the Regional Organisations attending as observers about the EU funded SWIM Programme, including both its components, the Support Mechanism and the Demonstration Projects. The presentation focused on objectives, geographic coverage, budget, priority issues, time frame and modalities for collaboration with the Arab Water Strategy.

CLIWASEC Conference, 15 February 2012, Munich - Germany

SWIM-SM participated in a science-policy Conference Day on Climate Change and Water in Southern Europe and Neighbouring Countries (CLIWASEC) that was convened on 15 February 2012 in Munich, Germany, as part of the European Commission activities preparing the Neighbouring Countries for the climate induced ecological and socio-economic changes that lie ahead.

The main objective of the conference was to identify and establish the inter-linkages between research and policy options associated with adaptation to climate change in the water sector.

Dr. Hosny Khordagui, representing SWIM-SM, informed participants about the Project and the possible areas of collaboration with CLIWASEC with focus on climate change issues, including their potential implications on water and on the overall stability and security of the Region.

Regional Conference on Wastewater Purification & Reuse, 28-30 March 2012, Crete - Greece

SWIM-SM participated in the International Water Association (IWA) regional conference on Wastewater Purification & Reuse, held in Crete between 28 and 30 March 2012.

The objective of the conference was to bring together experts, researchers and business owners working in the field to discuss technical and scientific achievements and promote exchange of experiences with the aim to increase water reuse as a tool for the augmentation of water supply and reduce the threat associated with untreated wastewater.

SWIM-SM presented a paper on the need for a new paradigm for treated wastewater management in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries that considers non-conventional water resources as an asset to be managed within the country’s IWRM framework as part of a larger set of unconventional measures targeting the rapidly increasing water stress in part due to climate change and the growing water deficit.  ‘

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6th World Water Forum, 12-16 March 2012, Marseille - France

The 6th World Water Forum (6WWF) took place from 12 to 16 March 2012, in Marseille, France, attracting more than 35.000 participants from all around the globe.

A Mediterranean Cross-Continental Process was part of the formal 6WWF deliberations, involving a range of related stakeholders from the region. The work of the Med Process was structured around four targeted priorities, with Water Governance among them. Following an intensive preparatory period, the results of the Med’s work were presented for debate during Marseille. SWIM-SM provided support for the conduct of the related Target Session that took place on 15 March between 11:00-13:00.

A presentation of EU-funded related projects was realized by Mr. Rene Bosman, DG DevCo, along with specific reference to the scope and objectives of the SWIM-SM. The Session concluded with a roadmap for action implementation, for which synergy with SWIM-SM will be sought along other key regional programmes, processes and initiatives.

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5th Meeting of the Horizon 2020 Steering Group, 19 April 2012, Barcelona - Spain

SWIM-SM participated at the 5th Meeting of the Horizon 2020 Steering Committee (SC) Group that took place on 19 April 2012, in Barcelona - Spain. In that, H2020 Sub-Groups reported on progress and discussed ways forward for the initiative, highlighting on-going synergies and potentials for future co-operation with regional programmes, including SWIM-SM.

SWIM-SM presented to the H2020 SC elements of a proposed Mediterranean Environmental Replication Strategy that is under joint elaboration by UNEP MAP GEF MedPartnership, SWIM-SM and H2020 CB MEP Programmes. Countries and stakeholders recognize the need to advance,in a systematic and coordinated way, replication of sustainable and cost-effective practices in the region and this is pursued through the Strategy under development.

SWIM-SM was represented by Mr. Vangelis Constantianos, GWP-Med, who also attended the Meeting of the H2020 Sub-Group on Capacity Building, on 18 April.

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