• Technical and administrative missions

Missions were organised in Algiers, Algeria from 11 to 13 November 2014. Terms of reference were discussed and the final report was prepared and ready to be published. 

  • Field workshops

Field Workshops were organized from 10 to 12 December 2014 in Tunisia concerning agronomic and Public Participatory GIS Activities and South-South experience exchange. They involved 27 people, including 19 Tunisian and Algerian farmers, 4 middle managers from Algeria, 2 executives from the Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS) and 3 from Institut des Régions Arides (IRA). The workshop consisted of Power Point Presentations and discussions on actions taken in each target sites. The proposed action concerns the application and dissemination of integrated and sustainable water and agriculture management in two arid pilot areas of Maghreb, based both on a participatory approach and the development of appropriate technologies in the framework of adapting to climate change.

  • Processing of water quality data

The processing of hydro geological, iso-chemical and isotopic data related to water quality took place in the months November-December 2014 both for Algeria and Tunisia.

  • Dissemination activities

The following reports have been produced in December 2014:

- Report on agronomyc activities in Oum Zessar site, Medenine - Tunisia (Rapport sur les activités agronomiques dans le site Oum Zessar, Médenine, Tunisie) aiming at disseminating the results of research obtained at pilot demonstration scale on irrigation water management, which is a real contribution to the development of operational recommendations for sustainable water resource management. Demonstration sites were selected to highlight the best agricultural practices to farmers facing water scarcity linked to an arid climate. This will highlight the effects of using different irrigation management techniques with salt water, especially deficit irrigation on crop yields;

- Water collection and agricultural techniques in an arid environment: an integrated and sustainable model in the Maghreb Regions (Collecte de l'eau et techniques agricoles en milieu aride: un modèle intégré et durable dans les régions du Maghreb) concerning Public Participatory GIS and South South experience exchange activities aiming at disseminating the results obtained in the demonstration sites and exchanging experiences between farmers from the selected sites of Oum Zessar basin (Medenine) and farmers of Biskra (Algeria).


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