Regional Training Workshop on Basic Operational Concepts and Practices for Water Users Associations’ Establishment and Institutional Support (17-19 July 2012, Bari – Italy)_ENGLISH

WUA_Bari/building successful wua - module 7-monitoring and evaluation and capacity building.pdf
WUA_Bari/building successful wua - moduloe 6-financial management of wuas.pdf
WUA_Bari/chapter 10-creating a water users association and preparing it to govern_english.doc
WUA_Bari/chapter 5-resolving what services should be transferred_english.doc
WUA_Bari/fao-transfer of irrigation management services-guidelines_english.pdf
WUA_Bari/final list of participants.pdf
WUA_Bari/infonote-wuas regional workshop bari.pdf
WUA_Bari/main topics to be covered in the statutes of a generic wua_english.doc
WUA_Bari/module 3-implementation phase-establishing wuas_english.pdf
WUA_Bari/module 8 - group exercise2 - building of successful wua_english.doc
WUA_Bari/module4-group exercise 1-learning from the implementation of pim in selected countries_english.doc
WUA_Bari/part 1- main phases of imt-pim programmes_english.pdf
WUA_Bari/part 1-main phases of imt-pim programmes - module 2 part 2 - strategic planning and preparing for the implementation_english.pdf
WUA_Bari/part2-building successful wuas-module5-ensuring sustainabilityof wuas_english.pdf
WUA_Bari/participatory irrigation water management in egypt-review and analysis_en.pdf
WUA_Bari/phase 1-mobilisation of support_english.doc
WUA_Bari/phase 2-strategic planning_english.doc
WUA_Bari/pim turkey.pdf
WUA_Bari/pim-the case of consorzio di bonifica di capitanata.pdf
WUA_Bari/turkish experiences on pim_english.pdf
WUA_Bari/wuas training report final.pdf
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